You can stay as your home

どこへ行くにも近鉄の駅まで徒歩2分の好立地が冴えます。気軽な貸切タイプのゲストハウス、それが アラシマインです。

Arashima Inn is a renovated apartment building, and is an easy to use Guest House.
With a 10-key lock non-face-to-face check-in system, the rooms are equipped with AI speakers, Android TV and Chromecast, making it the perfect place to relax and envision your sightseeing plans for Ise Toba-Shima while in your everyday clothes.
It is conveniently located just a 2 minute walk from Kintetsu station to go anywhere. Arashima Inn is a guesthouse that can be easily reserved for private use.

从近铁站步行2分钟就可以到达任何地方,非常方便。 ARASHIMA旅店是一家可以方便地预定私人使用的宾馆。


お部屋を予約する Please make a reservation from various web services.